The following enumerations are available globally.

  • Utility functions to synchronize Flows readyness

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  • A FlowContributor describes the next thing that will contribute to a Flow.

    • contribute: the given stepper will emit steps (according to lifecycle of the given presentable and the allowStepWhenNotPresented parameter) that will contribute to the current Flow
    • forwardToCurrentFlow: the given step will be forwarded to the current flow
    • forwardToParentFlow: the given step will be forwarded to the parent flow
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  • FlowContributors represent the next things that will trigger navigation actions inside a Flow

    • multiple: several FlowContributors will contribute to the Flow
    • one: only one FlowContributor will contribute to the Flow (see the FlowContributor enum)
    • end: represents the dismissal of this Flow, forwarding the given step to the parent Flow
    • none: no further navigation will be triggered
    • triggerParentFlow: same as .one(flowContributor: .forwardToParentFlow(withStep: Step)). It is deprecated.
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  • Standard RxFlow Steps

    • home: can be used to express a Flow first step
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